Red hearts and cupids can now be seen everywhere. It's the love month once again. The most anticipated time for lovers, Valentine's Day!  Lovers are enthusiastically planning their romantic dates or private getaways that ought to bring not only excitement, but  most of all, memorable moments that would last a lifetime. Men are carefully making plans for the special moment that wil… Read all
Quiz time!Hi to you all and welcome back – hope you have been brushing up on your celebrity facts!! So take a break and enjoy this weeks quiz….. (no peeking at the answers). If you are new to the quiz then is very straight forward - 15 questions (and answers!) on the pop / celebrity world… (why not have a go at the previous quizzes posted in the News segment of the website)1. Where did Audre… Read all

Celebritys Quiz

Time for this Weeks quiz…..So have you got them all correct so far??!!!Well this week we continue with the film and music industry – lets hope you know your celebritys !!! – 1. He is currently making a comeback with the film The Wrestler but what  raunchy film did Mickey Rourke first star in with Kim Bassinger….2. One half of a comedy duo, by what name was Arthur Jefferson better know… Read all

Filling in the blanks

Time for this weeks quiz – and this time something a bit different! – Fill in the missing words to well known films  - to help you, the missing words in each question all have something in common…..can you guess … (a different theme for each question) Question 1----- Chainsaw massacreSleepless in -------Leaving --- ----- Commonality : American Places Question2Blood ----------- … Read all