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Jakarta, Jakarta, Indonesia

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love me?great!hate me?even better!don't know me?don't judge

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5' 3" (160 cm) 






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Shopping, Outdoors Camping, Pets, Health Fitness, Playing music, Television, Gaming, Computers Internet, Cooking, Travel, Theater Concerts, Watching sports, Religion, Reading, Photography, Listening to music, Movies, Family, Dancing 

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This world is not a place to look someone's perfect for we love but to learn how to love someone who's not perfect with a perfect way..........God bless us....!!
i am a forgiveness person as long as you never do such a liar thing again. im funny, beautiful..:) decent woman, easy going, fearing God, smart, simple woman when you make it simple too, full of pure of love, honesty and one man is more than enough for me and will love and take care of him with all of my heart.

My Perfect Match:

Who really love me, care about me, understand together in harmony and fearing God. Please dont skype me if you are scammers coz i will know who you are!!You cannot fool me,,,believe me!!! A smart lady just only for a smart man who fears God with a good heart!! if you fear God you will never lie or anything that hurts the one you love...or you will gonna lose a wonderful, decent and nice woman like me :). The basis of a strong relationship are God's fearing, communication, attention and honesty then the understand itself will come in harmony. if we dont have those things it will never grow..so whats the point of the marriage thing if at the end will be a divorce thing will come up..thats why you should know how the relationship is important here,,,cuz for me marriage is holy,,is like a small heaven in the earth that we can make together with God in it.. respect one another then you can feel how beautiful is the love that coming from GOD in the middle of us.

Relationship are a garden..if you work hard and give it lots of love and attention, it will grow. if you start ignoring it cuz you feel it's too much work, it will die.."

sorry if i say it out loud so you may notice what it means GOD'S FEARING:

never lie...or cheating,,,or even worse thing ever for chatting with a vulgar thing here..!! i am not a woman like that!!!

if you said that you need A WIFe but none of the above coming from you,,,you better not find a wife but better for you to find a maid to take care everything you need just like robbot who doesnt have feeling inside it. So for you every man who wants to find wife...you should learning about what is relationship before going to the next level if not you will never ever found your soulmate!!! not just only talk and explain here what is your perfect match bla,,bla,,bla,,but you never give it back the actions.

Im just interest with mature man who fears GOD, honesty, care with full of love in his heart, wise man, loving family, easy going, funny, not easy to get angry or upset, a gentleman...i mean a real gentleman..understanding man, humble and simple. please dont just keep silence whenever i say something to you, always care about me by calling me or sending me a love messages as i do to you too,,and dont just say leave messages to you but you never reply it back,,,is that the comunication to you?? thats why no women want the man like you...learn from that..and the man that i need must be still single and never married yet cuz if you had married before, thats not fearing God and it's called adultery and it is definitely a sin in it. So please walk away from me if you are not a truth man who fears God. i hope one day i will find him here. if you that kind of a man from above,,,then i already interested in you ,,,and like you definitely,,,and for sure will miss you with all of my heart ...miss to talk with you again cuz you already know that both of us want to make this relationship trully serious in us..until the love in us will grow everyday ...even just only through one conversation the misses wouldnt be wrong at all for me and you cuz we both know in here in this site to find our future husband and wife...not playing games. so if you are a man who has open minded and heart person like those,,,lets build our future together hand in hand with God's love in us :) if you are afraid for that ,,,,what you said in your profile sounds good to read it but if you are afraid just to hear a decent good woman to say miss you here..miss to talk with you again...what else left from you then beside you are just a fake man and liars as you wrote everything in your profile too are liars!!!

And for the love of GOD,,,,you lesbians, perverts and cheaters go away from me!!! Cant you read my profile or wattt!!!

Love is a verb, not a noun. It is active. Love is not just feelings of passion and romance. It is behaviour. If a man lies to you, he is behaving badly and unlovingly toward you. He is disrespecting you and your relationship. The words " I Love you" are not enough to make up for that. Don't kid yourself that they are. Just find a humble man and fear God only. Coz the truth of love coming from God only :) .

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