Golfing Asia

Golfing Asia
I have covered golf in Thailand what about golf in Asia.There are many great golf courses in the Philippines and Malaysia,well all Asian countries have their Golf courses,,where would the business men go with out them,they are where the best deals are made and where new business contacts hands are shaken.
Asia is going through a golfing fever with its increase in business investment and the business management that follows it.People like me who play find the ball has no intention of going where I want it to go and trying to find a small ball in the trees even if it is bright white is a frustrating day out.
Like any sport if you want satisfaction you need to train for it.
Golf is also not just about performance it is about image and an old boy golfer I knew said the club rooms after the game is about drinks and checking out the opposition and seeing what they wear and the brand name clubs they use,if you are right into the game and cashed up you can get your clubs custom made to suite your height,grip and style.
Some Golfing stuff..
-Tiger Woods has stated that he may have only 85% strength in his knee when he returns but expects to be back in winning form,good news for his fans.
-When you start the course and going for the big swing down the fairway,use a club called a driver in your golfing bag it will be one of the big ones if your not sure ask your caddy
-Ignore people watching or talking to put you off and try to hit the ball straight down the fairway avoiding the Bunkers,if that fails just try to hit the ball as people are waiting to have there shot,if the ball goes in the wrong direction,express your feelings with expletives and beat the club on the ground it is tolerated and expected it also lets other players know you are a beginner.
-If you are in a bunker the less sand you hit before contact with the ball the further it will go,if it takes more than 3 trys...cheat.
-Later in the day when you get to the green choose a putter it will be one of the small skinny headed ones,(a good caddy will hand you one),there should be a hole with a flag near by aim for that,tap the ball until it goes in.
-Stop for lunch and repeat the above tips.
-Ignore the heat,sunburn,sweat rash and insects this is a game of mental strength and stamina
-Ignore peoples laughter and comments as you have 17 holes to go.
If like me you want to do the full 18 holes bring a torch.
If you are bringing your Asian dating girlfriend do not laugh at her attempts or under play and embarrass her.But then who knows she may win!!OR SHE MAY WHACK YOU WITH THE GOLF STICK.
have a fun day out!!!!!