Shopping in Asia
Welcome to FLA and our news corner,today I will write my spin on shopping which is a reluctant necessity for some and a way of life for others.
For men and shopping it often comes down to having a needed item in mind which entails driving to the shop by the shortest route,parking the car as close to the shop as possible then this follows a speed walk through the shopping center maybe slowing down for an optical at the attractive talent along the way,on reaching the store a quick scan to find the Isle for the items you want,then back to the cashier,a brisk walk and another scan at the skirts with legs,then back to the car and possibly a stop at the liquor Mart as a reward for getting the shopping done so quickly.
For woman a different picture emerges and shopping can often be the reason for them getting up in the morning and going to work.A day out shopping for the girls is looked foreward to,with the same passion as guys heading out on a deep sea fishing trip.
With my own shopping portfolio matching the mens description above and having been shopping with a lady and at a younger age my sisters and mother,i have born witness to the painful side of shopping,in my sisters and mothers case they would see a dress in the window which they have no intention of buying however it still qualifies for a 10 minute conversation of how they would look in it,and where they would wear it too,if they were to enter a clothing store I would find a seat and people watch for the 30 minutes it would take for them to reappear.
Shopping centers would cease to exist with out women.
For woman Shopping for food has the same intensity almost as clothes I can do a weeks groceries in 20 minutes a lady friend of mine,could spend a hour at the shopping mall getting the ingredients for one meal.
With spending time in Bangkok I have noticed the prices at the supermarket going up we can blame the Oil but the price of oil has gone down and you can be fairly certain the rise in food costs will not be reversed,having said that I can get 4-5 days groceries (2 bags full)for $25 for that price in New Zealand or Australia I could put my groceries in my pockets,we can bemoan the rising costs but Thailand is still one of the cheapest places to live,as far as cost of living is concerned I imagine this would apply to shopping in Asia in general.
The Thailand markets are more my style I am happy to invest more time there than a shopping center you can soak up the smells and also the culture of Thailand,and you can barter the cheap prices even cheaper,in the wests weekend markets or boot sales if it says 20 bucks then its 20 bucks.
In Asia we can all be fashion statements,Versace,D&G,Gucci,shirts,dresses,handbags. eat your heart out you rich and famous.