Love Thailand

Love Thailand
Having been in Thailand for some time I would like to share some of the reasons I love Thailand and i am sure you can relate to them as well.
so without any further a do,
I love the way you can get accommodation,,water,electricity,cable T.V and room cleaned twice a week for 9000 baht a month.
I like the way you can eat at the local stalls order a meal you had in mind and be surprised with a different meal altogether.
I enjoy the way the Soi cats and soi dogs are readily available to eat some of the food from the surprise meal.
I love walking down Sukhumvit road and meeting the fortune tellers who can tell me my mothers middle name and happy to remind me everyday.
I enjoy the feeling of being wanted by having nice girls standing with clipboards on the footbaht asking me where i come from and whats my name,telling me this just takes 5 mins and offering to take me to their hotel to spend a hour with their sales reps with the challenge to get away unscathed.
I love Thailands extreme sport challenge of crossing a pedestrian crossing with out getting bowled and the welcoming gesture as the drivers sound their horns to let you know in advance they are not going to stop.
I like the sense of the wild as you walk the soi and see a dozen soi dogs watching you from the corner of their eyes as they decide who is up first to freak out the farang,I do have a story in favor of the dogs.When I was in Koh samui I was served a mushroom omelet, your mother has not made you a better Omelet as soon after I finished that wonderful meal I was walking down the beach when a road runner began chasing me down the beach,I found refuge among a group of locals and the pesky bird did not return I was elated with my new friends,the rest of the evening is my secret.
I enjoy the Thailand railways,the sleeping bunks and the way you are woken every stop for fried chicken or a coke,the seat less toilet makes it interesting and being able to share a communal water bowl is the best cure for discouraging chewing your fingernails.
I love Thailand for its foot massage and Thai massage you can choose a slender Thai beauty or a older well seasoned masseuse this decision will decide whether you have a relaxing soothing massage or a chance to test your pain threshold.
I enjoy riding the Skytrain and being able to put the one baht coin through the ticket machine a dozen times its like playing the slot machines without the loss.
I love Thailand because the closest I come to cold and Ice is the freezer.
I enjoy the friendship of Thailand I can walk Suhkumvit and Pratunam and be told my ratty t-shirt and shoes look great and where did I buy them,these sweet people want to know about me and surprise surprise their sister is flying to my city soon, we can even go together to a cafe and have drinks,food and even meet their sister.the land of smiles ("what who said that,who said crocodiles","there are no crocodiles in Thailand").
I love Thailand for its tuk tuks where in the world can you spend hours in a tuk tuk visiting wonderful tailor stores and jewelry shops for 10 baht and after a long day been offered to be given a bath by 2 hot Thai girls and the tuk tuk driver will even take you there.The places I really wanted to go to were closed that day just my could have been worse I could have caught a taxi.
I am very impressed with the cigarette patrol as they can see through concrete and around corners and spot those untidy farang dropping cigarettes instead of using the non existent ash trays,it would be better to swallow your butts and keep Thailand clean and save yourself a 2000 baht fine.Mind you let me see you turfing butts in my country and i would also let you know.
I love Thailand for its smells in a short distance of travel you can smell the exotic Thai cuisine cooked in fresh and old oil,the smell of incense and stacked garbage bags,perfumed soaps and unsigned urinals.
I seriously love Thailand because despite reading between the lines above it is a great place to be I enjoy being here and would not readily replace it for the cold and wet of home or the depressed,miserable faces of my western world,to love Thailand you need to balance the good and the bad of Thailand.
come,visit and enjoy the land of smiles.
welcome handsome man