Asian Dating

Asian Dating
Date in Asia series
Asian dating covers a wide range of countries which is why at FLA we have not concentrated on one
particular country,Asian dating is about inviting all races and cultures to participate,yes some men have
preconceptions and preferences of a certain nationality but with Asian dating the men are as varied as the
Asian ladies, someone for every one.

With other stories covering Asian dating the main mention has been of the Thai and Filipino girls as they
make up a majority of FLA population,however because we want Asian dating to be across the board we
need to encourage the less represented countries,Indonesia,Malaysia,Singapore,Vietnam to become part
of our Asian dating community.
Having not made a mention of Vietnamese girls in the past it would be fair to give them a mention today,
Vietnamese girls are not common on dating sites which is a shame as their reputation is a good one and
we would love to see them on FLA in greater numbers.

Vietnam is opening up to the west but is largely unspoilt by western influences the same applies to the
Vietnamese girls and their culture,gentle girls with a french connection.
It may well be they do not have the access to the Internet as in some countries but that will change and
as Vietnam continues to prosper I am sure we will see more Vietnamese in Asian dating.
To the Asian girls from the countries mentioned above and to those who I have left out we welcome
you to become part of our Asian Dating community bring your friends, sisters if your mothers single bring
her too.

Asian dating and FLA was the sites first matchmaking success.
Do not be shy,join us today.