Making Money Online

Making Money Online
Affiliate based business
Is it possible to make a living or second income from Online home based business.
I am sure you have gone through your emails and come across offers to make money online with incomes of $500-$10000 a month, personally I do not think that is realistic maybe 1 person in a thousand have those Kind of results more likely $200 a week although that would be a handy addition to your weekly income how much effort would be needed to achieve that.
The list is endless from Forex Trading,HYIP (high risk best avoided),Email processing and Data entry work.
These last 2 are money makers but you need to find reliable companies who are out sourcing their work and you need to be a fast typist.
Affiliate selling through Click bank and similar affiliate companies can have positive returns but a good deal of money,marketing and time needs to be invested.
Many try making spare cash with paid to click companies and writing blogs,filling in Online surveys and answering and replying to a companies emails.
The payment is often small but with most paying in American dollars it is of little use to a American but for someone in Asia the exchange rate can make that small payment lets say $20 usd well worth the effort.
The majority of these companies offer unrealistic results but if you enjoy doing it and can make some pocket money at the same time I guess there is not harm in it.
Avoid investing large sums of money with online investments if it does go sour there is little come back for you as they are generally overseas or unreachable,before joining a company type their details into google and see what posts have been placed about them this is a good indicator because the happy and the sad will post there.
With uncertain economic times perhaps it is best to keep the money in the bank and concentrate on the day job until the economies and markets settle down.
Making money online is full of shadows,the good the bad and the ugly,take your time,be wary,do your research,join forums and read what others in the business have to say.
be well!! be happy!! get Lucky!!