Songkran Asian Festivals

Asian Festivals.
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Songkran means to enter or move forward
Songkran for Thais is for celebrating and bringing in the new year.While for some that means a thorough cleaning of the house,praying at the temple and giving gifts to the monks for most others it is about a big water fight.
Luckily Songkran falls in the hottest time of the year around April 14 so if you do get showered with water during this festival it is not to uncomfortable,and there is a good chance you will get wet as this festival is one of Thailands biggest.The only downside I found was some use iced water and for me thats a good time to run or cross the street,just a little too chilly.
Even the Elephants get involved:on one day I was in an amongst it my job was to keep the water bucket filled with the hose + hose anyone that got to close,then an elephant and her handler turns up and calmly walks over to me and my bucket and dips her trunk and sucks up half of my bucket of water,then letting loose on the crowd like a fire hose.The Elephant then removes the remainder of my water in the bucket,with a second slurp again and then fires it at the laughing crowd from its trunk,not yet finished she grabs my hand and water hose and directs it into her mouth for a drink with the handlers encouragement she finally gives back my arm and hose and with a victory trumpet moves on to crash someones elses party,this totally made my day and well worth the soaking.
I have seen some Farang get rather upset about getting water thrown on them,and I think that is very un-cool as it is the Thais big day so farang who do not want to play should stay at home or arrange their travel for after the festival is finished.
Lets face it it is only water and providing you put your phone,cheap watch and camera in a water proof bag you will be fine and it could be a lot worse,eg: Spain have the tomato festival,stinging eyes,sticky clothes,truckloads of tomatoes and thousands get involved,what a mess I feel sorry for those who have to clean up the city or town after its pasted with tomato puree,at least the Thai Songkran water festival is only water.
If you are a festival fan these are the yearly Thai festivals with the full moon party being the most popular with the young Farang party heads.
Kite Flying Festival (February - April)
Songkran Festival (March)
Rocket Festival (May)
The Poy Sang Long Festival (May - April)
The Phi Ta Khon (June)
The Moon Festival (September or October)
Long-boat Racing (September)
Sart Day (September)
Chinese Vegetarian Festival (October)
Tak Bat Devo and Chak Phra Feativals (October)
Loy Krathong Festival (November)
Yee Peng Festival (November)
The Elephant Round-up Festival (November)
The Death Railway Bridge (November)
Illuminated Boat Procession (November)
If interested just put those titles into your google search and follow it up.
The festivals is where you will see the Thais at there best,the Asian girls and guys are in holiday mode and is a good time to mingle and share their day out.
Be Jolly!!