Asian Friends

Asian Friends
We have mentioned dating in Asia what about just making Asian friends with the locals during your holiday.
Having spent time in the Philippines and Thailand I have found the locals easy to get a long with,I have made Asian friends often by being invited to sit at their table just to eat.In the Philippines it is easy because of their grasp of English but in Thailand you can play along with what Thai language you know and they will play along and find your attempt entertaining.
Asians are a generous people who have invited me to eat what they have on the table and offered a drink either beer or in Thailand Mekong whiskey,I do make sure to buy more food and drink even though it is not expected.
Their socializing is open and great to watch anyone joining the group quickly settles in and makes themselves at home and always welcomed.I have watched a group of Thais spend hours in one place with taxi and tuk tuk drivers joining in to fill in some time and chatting and sharing food like they have known each other for a lifetime,such interaction would be met with suspicion in the west and have some running for the exits.
I like to use the buses not just because it is the cheapest way to get about,but it is more relaxing.I have been left standing on the bus with my groceries and had Thai women take them on to their lap until I get off,a nice gesture I thought,they also give up their seats for monks,pregnant mothers the elderly and small children.Not a lot of westerners use the bus and the seat beside me is usually the last to be filled even with my use of the shower in a can.
Asian friends are easy to find and the locals certainly never seem to be lonely for company,you do not appreciate how cold we are in the west where we do not make eye contact and a stranger is a stranger full stop.
In the west when we go to a party with a friend and are amongst strangers when the friend decides to leave we tend to follow rather than break the ice with "strangers" in Asia making friends is their way of life.
There are a small group in Thai cities to avoid they will generally walk up and say nice shirt or nice shoes or hat if you stop to talk they will ask what city you are from,their main line then will be their sister is going to your city soon,there aim is to get you in for a coffee and snack and then to meet the sister for a evening dinner and drink,you pay of course.
The Taxis and Tuk Tuk drivers who say hello my friend and want to shake your hand are best avoided.
Overall they are lovely people and making Asian friends is easy and rewarding if you are asked to join them by all means do.