Tai Chi

Tai Chi
Energy Healing
If you have traveled to Asia I am sure you will have come across groups of locals doing Tai chi,it is not just in China but in most Asian countries,if you travel by a large open public area or park you will come across it, with early morning or evening the best time to see it.
Tai Chi is a soft form of Kung fu although it is more about finding your bodies rythem and relaxing the body and mind than being able to fly through the air and knock 30 kung fu fighters to the ground.
One of the main focus for Tai Chi is breathing techniques this not only relieves stress it also increases energy and strengthens respiratory function Tai Chi is great for Asthma sufferers.
For beginners a good stretching regime is important to reduce injury and Tai chi is about smooth movements with extended motion if your body is tight it is hard to do and learn.
Find a good teacher,in the west you likely will need to find a club and pay to be a member in Asia you can train for free,if you go to the park where they are practicing you can join in and just follow their moves,that is the case in Thailand as I have seen farang and locals joining in with the group.
One foreign girl I noticed when she first started she looked awkward although now,she is still down at the park and has all the moves down perfect including the Fan and sword dance.I asked her how it was going,she said she feels great and has more control over her mind and body and wants to teach back home one day.
Westerners are usually shallow breathers that is from the top of the lungs,people especially the Orient are taught to breath from the stomach meaning the whole lungs from top to bottom,Tai Chi works best on these long controlled breaths.
If you are not used to this style of breathing,it is hard to do and is tiring,the extra oxygen causes light headedness,take a deep breath until you feel and can see your stomach rise,your lungs then should be fully inflated..now do that all day everyday.
Tai Chi does not have snapping kicks and strikes so is easy on the body and the whole family can learn.
Tai Chi is for enhancing self healing and wellbeing using Bio energy or Qi contained within the body naturally but been channeled and energized by Tai Chi to the parts of the body that need healing.
The exercises also promote better posture and through the exercise better digestion.
Long term practitioners can use it for self defense as the moves are from Kung Fu to change from soft to hard style is just increasing speed and power to the movement.
Relief for lumbago, arthritis and sciatica have been reported.
All in All it will not do you any harm if you get the chance try it,you make like it.