Asian Women

Asian Women
Asian dating series
We have mostly covered the dating angles from a western man dating a Asian woman point of view,so what about the views and concerns of the Asian women,a different perspective perhaps.
Comparing an Asian woman has never left Asia,to Asian women who have spent many years in the west or Americanized,this can change her attitude to relationships.Asian girls who have always lived in Asia will be more traditionally family oriented and have a deeper sense of culture,however one characteristic that will always stand them out is their Asian looks.Western men are attracted to the Asian look as being exotic.Here is a look at the subject from an Asian womans point of view
The Asian eyelid fold
For the western man this look is part of the exotic look that makes up the Asian womens features and i am sure this is the case in all Asian countries,however we are happy to where as in fact the eyelid fold removal operation is highly popular in China,Japan and Korea with families encouraging the children to go for a more western look,this is not the case in south east Asia,Thai,Philippines although one does notice on Asian T.V the girls seems to be large eyed and whiter than average.
One American-Thai woman stated That Asian women brought up in America are not as quiet and shy as their counterparts living in Asia.I guess going through the American school system would do that,the American/Asian woman prefers not to be stereotyped with the submissive/shy image.
I often wondered why too many Asian women do not have a photo on dating sites,did she not have a camera,did she feel uncomfortable with her looks and then I noticed a girl had written that although she was attractive and knew a photo would give her a better result on the site did not like the idea of the world knowing she was looking for a boyfriend,well that kind of defeats the purpose,could she be shy or perhaps paranoid.It is far better to put up a photo and be proud of who you are,better still make your photo stand out more than the other girls,they are after all your opposition.
Some answers to a questionnaire by a English teacher to his students asking why they liked western men
-Western men are: Tall
-Western men have: Large Eyes/blue eyes
-Western men have: Nice Skin and White skin
-Western men are : Gentlemen
-Western men are: Approachable and Outgoing
_Western men are: generous
The notion that Most Asian women prefer western man is debatable,having visited in Thailand it is obvious the number of Thai girls in loving relationships with Thai men is abundant and happily so,I am sure this is the case in all Asian countries however we will be happy to have the Asian women who are looking for a change as members on FLA and feel privileged to be able to introduce them to our waiting western men.
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