Pilot Training Asia

Pilot Training Asia
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if you are:
looking for a reason to come to Asia,
It is well known Manufacturing in Asia is cheaper than in the west and so is professional training for careers,participating in this training will compliment your finding love in Asia as you will have a lot more time in country.
Thailand is one of the most affordable places to do your scuba diving training,from beginner right through to advanced training,the instructors being Farang or Thai.All certificates are recognized internationally.For Aviation careers the Philippines is the place to go.
Reach for the Sky and become a Qualified Pilot.
Philippines is one the most affordable places for pilot training it is based around Clark Aviation situated at the former US Air force base at Pampanga,about 85 kilometres from Manila,this highly recognized flight school has training from Beginner through to Airbus A380 qualifications.
Despite the downturn in Airline Aviation their is an acute shortage of pilots around the world,reviews have shown the need for 16000+ new pilots a year for the next 20 years with China and India among the largest employers,with their people having more money in their pockets,the Indians and Chinese are on the move.
While the Pilot training is full time and intensive there will be time to take a break and enjoy Asia's delights,not many girls including Asian woman can turn down a pilot.
The Clark area has world class golf courses,Angeles City nightlife,delightful restaurants and a new shopping centre with Movie Theatres.
3 potential employers are right at your door step,Cebu Pacific,Tiger Airways and Air Asia.
Pilot Career and Asian dating what more can you ask for.
All pilots in the programme are accommodated at the schools Campus and this modern facility has all that you will need and with the comforts of home.
Applicants who are not Filipino will need a student visa while undertaking the training,a one year course can put you in the seat of a airline as a first officer.
Is it time to spread your wings.
Flying Career first with a lovely Asian woman later,the worlds your oyster!!!!
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