The Beachfront

The Beachfront
When one mentions the Philippines,what mostly comes to mind is an image of long,white sand beaches and crystal clear water that surround the archipelago.The country is also blessed with a variety of marine life which is the source of abundant fresh seafood.
The Filipinos are such beach lovers.With the coastline twice the length of that of the United States,it is dotted with beach resorts where Pinoys love to spend their weekends with a family picnic,birthday celebrations,or a get together with friends.
One of the most popular beach destinations for weekend getaway is Boracay,or Bora as what the locals fondly call it. The foreigners, as well as the locals,enjoy frolicking in the 4 kms of powdery white sand beach which is said to have finer and brighter sand than most beaches,which made it well-known world wide. No wonder the foreigners who married Pinays opened their own resorts and choose to live in this island paradise.
Bora is also a favorite honeymoon destination,as well as a wedding venue because of its romantic ambience.In fact,the spectacular sunsets and romantic full moons even inspire artists to write songs and poems about them. Celebrities are frequently spotted on the island as it is a popular movie and tv setting and photo shoot background.Be prepared to be starstruck!
Bora is always teeming with tourists from all over the world.So come and enjoy the excellent Filipino service,be pampered with their lavish attention,dine with fresh seafood and sumptuous cuisines,let loose and dance and drink the night away with the live bands,find a unique souvenir to bring home at bargain prices,indulge in various water activities offered in the island.In spite of all these activities, it
is not hard for you to find peace and solitude to soothe the weary spirit or simply be cozy with your honey and dream of your future together.
There are a lot more diving and surfing sites as well as white sand beaches that you can explore in the Philippines.Or any adventure for that matter.Chat with friendly Filipinas and ask more about them.This could be a start of a wonderful conversation. Best of luck!