Philippines An Overview

Philippines : An Overview
By reading the previous articles about the Filipinas, you already know why they are one of the most sought after in the dating scene.Now, maybe you are already contemplating to visit them in the Philippines.So it would help to know a bit of the country where they come from.
Discover the 7,107 islands of the Philippines and be amazed not only by the people,but by the natural treasures that lie within. Experience the reasons why many foreigners have chosen this country as their second home with their Filipina brides.This archipelago is grouped in three major islands namely: Luzon in the North,where Manila the capital city is,Visayas in the center,And Mindanao in the South.It is not uncommon to come across a Filipina with the name Luzviminda in the Philippines,folks!You guessed it right!She is named after these three islands by patriotic parents.Not all girls find it flattering though. There is an international airport in each of these islands for your convenience guys,to visit your girlfriend wherever part of the country she resides.
When you plan for a visit, however,be aware that the peak season for tourists who flock to the country is during March to May when it is hot and dry.So better book your reservations early.Be wary of the months of June to October since it is a rainy season.And believe me,you wouldnt want to be stuck in a heavy traffic and wade in the flooded streets.But this situation is mostly isolated in big cities like Manila and not usually encountered all over the country.In November to February the tourist destinations heat up once again as the breeze cool down a little.
The 80 million Filipinos (and counting) speak more than 500 dialects.You heard it right! English and Filipino, (based on Tagalog),are the official languages.So dont worry about communication as most Filipinos can understand and speak English.All that you really have to worry about,is how to maximize having a good time as your dollar can stretch a long way with the exchange rate of 45-47 pesos (nowadays ) to a dollar.Major credit cards are accepted in many establishments.But still,be sure to have smaller peso bills at hand,especially for taxi fare,if you dont want to be inconvenienced and taken advantage of.Arrogance and discrimination are not taken lightly by the Pinoys. A friendly smile and Tagalog greetings if you know some,will pave the way for you to experience the warm Filipino hospitality.
There are a lot of fun and adventure you can have in the Philippines.And it would be more meaningful to experience them with your Filipina girlfriend or wife.So start getting in touch with them now! Just a hint though, Pinays would appreciate it if you take the initiative and send them a message instead of just a smile.

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