Women seeking Men

The title in the newspaper under classifieds in the personals section read, Women seeking Men and alongside another title also read, Men seeking Women, and i guess just purely out of curiosity i would read the ads displayed in this column, my imagination would then try to create and put a picture to the description or more so a face to the name. What kind of people place such ads in the newspaper?, i would ask myself, what did they look like? who are they?.

At the time i was a lot younger than i am now, and really as i said, i read these ads "just purely out of curiosity", i had no need to meet new people, neither was i at the time, in need of Women seeking Men. What did intrigue me at the time was how some of the ads were carefully crafted, in the sense that they were like a sales pitch, giving good points as to why you should make contact with this person and it was always an interesting read.

I would also at the same time read the classified section of the newspaper for used cars, there was a slight similarity in my eyes, some were brand new, some had low mileage, and the majority were in amazing condition and it was obvious they were being sold so the owner could trade up for the new model, and of course there was also a select few that were almost to the point of being thrown on the scrap pile.

Life moved on for me, and so did it for technology, suddenly i was no longer reading the classifieds in the local newspaper, my fingers were no longer getting black ink on them and then unknowingly wiping my brow and smearing ink across my forehead. I was now on line, and it certainly lived up to its name, world wide web, no longer was i confined to my local papers classifieds, i could now access the classifieds of the world.

And it was not long before i come across a dating site while surfing the net, it might not be what you set out to find when your spare time allows a little surfing of the net, but when you are on the net, one thing really does lead to another in a linked up kind of way. So once again i found myself, "just purely out of curiosity" having a look and reading the profiles of members, Women seeking Men, select country, age group, and then a click of the mouse, and before a blink of the eye, an array of people appeared on my monitor, what was different this time was that i no longer needed to imagine what the person looked like, their photo was right there in front of me, i browsed for a while, some things remained the same, there was all makes and models, some low mileage while others had a few too many miles clocked up and could be good for a collector i guess, but defiantly something for everybody.

For myself, the years had gone on, and on the way had taken a slight toll, i sure did not fit in the low mileage category anymore, but i did not have any rust, and all the panels were straight, and the one thing that was real, was, that i was alone, the feeling i wanted to connect, find love, and to be in love, made me ask myself the question, was there a chance this site i had found, could it really help me find what i was looking for?. Life had not yet gone full circle, but this time, Women seeking Men might be what was for me. There was only one way to find out, i pressed the join now button.