Love Poems

Saying the words, I Love You, has over time been phrased in many timeless love poems, which in turn have been passed on by lovers alike. Finding the right words to say i love you, can be found in many love poems.

Search on line for a collection of love poems or get a book of love poems from your local library for yourself to read, they may inspire the poet in you, or maybe the words are already perfect for you to say, i love you.

If you have only just recently met someone then maybe a romantic poem may be more appropriate, rather than declaring a Shakespeare type majesty of love and the misery of death style piece of poetry that he was famous for. Look for poems that are romantic, or maybe you have just started out as friends, you can find many friendship poems on the net also.

Impress your lover with beautiful love poems and poetry, if you find the poem on the net while searching, then be sure to tell the person you send it to, that you either read the poem in a book or found it on line and that you felt you wanted to share it with them.

Many shops sell cards which have love poems printed in them, often with a cover picture, by signing and sending such a card is a great way to express those feelings you have, which are sometimes so hard to put into words by yourself.

If you have an original love poem you would like for us to publish here on this page please email it to us for consideration.

i long only for your smile
to put sunshine through my days
to fill this void of emptiness
like a gaping hole in my chest.

i'd cross any ocean to get to you
so i can feel our hearts beating as one
until this loneliness is undone
and our longings are all gone.

i can't wait for the day
that you finally complete me
when i stand in the circle of your arms
as you promise "forever has come".