Thailand horse racing

Thailand horse racing.
Another opportunity for entertainment and relief from the typical tourist destinations are the Thai horse racing venues a bit of fun and a dabble on the favorites this is available to Thais also and along with the lotto is one of the few opportunities to have a gamble.
More for the high society types as to become a member of the racing clubs is more about who you know than the money itself unlike in the west where the horse racing is as easy as a trip to the T.A.B a couple dollars here or there is all you need.
Two venues that offer horse racing every second Sunday is the Bangkok sports club and royal turf club with bets starting from 50 baht on a win-place bet only,nice and simple.
For myself my yearly bet is on the Australia Melbourne Cup picking a winner is not my specialty as I am yet to pick one,but the atmosphere is worth the small financial loss,I like to think I am paying for the horses fodder.
In Thailand their are 4 cup races during the year they are the Royal Darby Cup, Ram Rakop Cup, Phraya Pradipatpubal Cup, and the Chairman's Cup.
Coming to Thailand for a holiday is probably a good excuse to stay off the racing circuit but if you are a dedicated punter you will find what you are looking for in Thailand.
The horses must have great conditioning to get up to full speed in the muggy heat.
If you are going along to a club pick up a pair of binoculars,one you will look the part and they are cheap to buy here ,on top of that if your horse is losing you will want to know whose fault it is.
Entry tickets run from 50 baht-500 baht depends on whether you want to sit with the in crowd or the locals.
The most popular track for westerners is the Royal Turf Club, which is located in Bangkok, just off Rama 4 Road, near the Silom area.
If you are not into the noise and crowd there is at the Cambodian casinos a horse racing game which after making your bets the race begins ,you actually watch these small horses running around the track with hopefully your horse at the front and no binoculars needed.
My kind of racing!!