Thai Dating

Thai Dating

Thai singles and Bangkok honeys
Finding love in Asia with Asian dating tips - today I will do a list of dos and a
few don'ts,a kind of checklist for western men to use when they arrive
in Thailand,and meet up with their Thai girls.

Find Love Asia

when you get to the stage of exchanging phone numbers,understand that
if she calls you she likes you and will call you often maybe even at
On your first date keep it simple,coffee,Meal or movie,say good night.
Small gifts mean a lot,soft toy (Garfield etc),sunglasses,necklace make the date special.

Do dress neatly,shower,shave,fresh clothes and after shave,Thais have
high standards in hygiene,you want her to be comfortable with you
Do ask about her family,how they are and what they do,it will show you care.
Do offer to open the door and move a seat for her, she likes a gentleman.
Do speak well of Thailand and her peoples,and be genune,Thais are proud of who they are,their culture and country.

Do limit your habits,a lot of smoking and drinking will not go down
well with her,she cares about your health and public image.
Do understand that Thai girls are very close to their family,

Do understand that as the relationship with your Thai girl develops,the
closer you will be to her family,she wants them to love you too.

Do understand that if she is dating you,it is about building a serous
relationship with you and is a serious decision for her.
Do come to realize that when you become her boyfriend,she will be thinking about getting married to you one day.
Keep in mind that if she sleeps with you,she will most certainly be thinking about getting married one day.
Keep in mind when she invites you to meet her family she likes you very
much,and that if she takes you to meet her parents in her mind the
relationship has now stepped up a level.
Do be happy with her doing your washing and cleaning,not only will she happy to do it,it is
also her way to show you what a fine bride she will be.
understand if she picks over your habits,smoking,drinking,eating,etc it means she cares about you and your health.

Do understand that most Thai girls would prefer a guy that will love
her for who she is and her family for who they are,Flashing the cash in
not enough.

Don't make a scene if your order is wrong, Farang attitude or quick temper is seen as bad character not as a
man who will stand up for himself, she will find a outburst very embarrassing.
Avoid speaking to loud and swearing
Do not dress like you have just come off the beach,your Thai lady will be well dressed,so one of you will feel out of place.
Don't be late on the date ((but there is a slim chance she may be))
Do not expect your Thai date to come alone to the date,she might,but is
more likely she will have a friend,it is a Thai thing,maybe for
Don't be a whinger,,sure if there are issues,then try to stay calm.
Bar or disco on first date probably not a good choice.A movie or dinner is
perfect.Or if you are a real romantic,then fly her to Paris,up to you.
This one is a biggie,don't be touching or drooling over her,public shows of
affection is not high on a Thai girls wish list and a cultural no no .
If you are not feeling the love with this girl,do not go and meet the family she will loose face if you leave her,
other than that, "have fun" and be good and show respect for all aspects of the culture.