Bangkok Theatre

Bangkok Theatre
Journey into Enchantment
The lights fade,the suspense builds and the curtains open to the start of a breathtaking shows beginning.
With seating for 2000 spectators the murmur of the crowd adds to the atmosphere.
In front of changing backdrops and brilliant colors 150 actors and actresses dressed in bright colored silk costumes which change for the different scenes,put on their show.500 different costumes and over a 100 different stage sets keeps the audience attention.
The audience is lead through a 3 act 8 scene story of 7 centuries worth of the ancient kingdom of Siam.You will be taken through the religious side of Thai life from the deep red stage show of hell through to the colorful different levels of heaven.
You will be introduced to the cultural and traditional make up of Thailand including Songkran the water festival all played out on the 65m stage.
The show will keep you riveted to your seats for its one and a half hour duration.
With a round of applause you head to the exit thinking it is all over but as you exit the great hall you walk into a realistic Ancient Thai village with an evening backdrop of the village.People will greet you warmly and will encourage you to be part of the village scene there will be pottery and metal crafts to see,Thai massage in traditional wooden huts as you wander the village you will come across displays of music and dance with elephants outside to watch,feed or ride.
A Thai-western buffet is on hand for the hungry visitors.
Performances like this in the west are expensive to see,this great show can be enjoyed for 1500 Baht.(Rides and food extra)
The Venue is opposite the Thai Cultural Centre
daily performances 8pm-9:30pm.

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