Golfing Thailand

Golfing Thailand
Are you a golfing fan or looking something different to do while you are in Thailand.
Thailand has a good range of golfing venues and golfing tour companies that will take you there,you can have your own equipment or they will hire you their clubs they are good quality and reasonably priced to hire,most tour groups have caddies included in price or a bit extra,good investment though as they know the course and can read the greens.
Golfing Tip while in Asia, due to the muggy climate is a fresh set of clothes and more than one set of golfing gloves,some golfers have a set of gloves for each hole or second hole.It is more comfortable than wet gloves and better club control,some players even revert to rubbing sand on their hands to absorb the sweat.
Their are to many courses to go into names,Bangkok,Phuket,Pattaya and Chiang Mai are well visited it is better to search for the Golf tour groups and find out the best deal.Hat,sunscreen and sunglasses a must.
There are around 200 golf courses in Thailand with 25-30 world class standard.There are driving ranges where you can practice your T-off,putting ranges and beginners courses.
If thats not for you there is always mini golf this is more my style there is one in Bangkok and Phuket that I know of.
The One in Phuket has dinosaurs,golfing Jarassic park style,great for adults and the Kids.The mini golf has 18 holes and is full of dinosaurs. It's 240 Baht for adults and 180 Baht for kids. Fun day out.The course is surrounded by trees so will be muggy take water along with you.
The golf tour packages range from a day trip to a week or more with food and accommodation
included depends on how enthusiastic you are.
Hole in One or Birdie or like me have to stand aside after 10 shots to let the other players through.
I think Ill watch the footy.