Thai Girls

Thai Girls
Dating Asia
Although I have made mention of Thai girls dating in the news articles previously,I would like to add the comparison between Thai girls and western girls in fairness this does not cover all girls as there are exceptions so its is my general observations.
When I return to New Zealand and Australia I have noticed that when our girls are not dressed up for work or the night clubs their choice of dress and presentation tends to drop off,it is not uncommon to see the western girls in t-shirts and old jeans or wearing shorts and flip flops with their hair on the wild side with no make up.
With Thai girls and I mainly speak of the city girls as the Thai girls in the provinces do not have the financial means for the fancy clothes the expensive make up and shampoo and conditioners.
It is not often in the cities you see Thai girls looking rough,their tendency to dress up and spend time making themselves look presentable no matter what they are doing or where they are going,the number of Thai girls with braces shows how affordable The Thai dental services are and the desire for Thai girls to look their best,especially when they are dating.
The Thai culture also influences how the Thai girls present themselves it is not uncommon to see Farang girls walking the streets without a bra,no doubt upsetting the older mature Thais especially ladies and women who frown on this attire in public.,most Thai girls apart from the occasional Bar girls on her way to work,will not be in public with out a bra it would be preferable for western girls to follow that principal when visiting Thailand.
One noticeable trend is the Thai school girls all have their hair cut short above the collar obviously a school curriculum requirement but no doubt also a message to boys and men that they are off limits although quite a few Thai school girls have Thai boyfriends.
For the older Thai girls long hair is still the norm,short hair can be seen but is a minority,the deep black hair is been replaced by brown hair coloring and highlights.
It is good to see the Thai girls keeping in step with fashion and following their trends the painted and decorated finger nails is also a nice touch.
Well done girls,keep it up.