Thai Girls Experiences

Thai Girls experiences
The ups and downs of Thai love.
A story of a fellow farangs journey to Isaan
His experience started a few days after arriving in Bangkok a first timer to Thailand the fist days were exploring the delights of Thailand the smells,markets,bars and Thai food.
And of course one of my favorites the Thai massage and foot massage,it was at one of these massage parlours having a foot massage he was to meet a girl called Paan (Thai names still surprise me)she was young and pretty as they are,not often the best choice if you want a great massage the older and wiser are the best but its his story and this young Thai beauty became his regular foot washer.
Starting with name exchanges and friendly chat this soon developed to a cup of coffee and then the movies and a relationship was formed.
After a few weeks of being friends and the odd cuddle it was decided for them to go to her home village,for her for a well needed holiday and for him to experience the rural Thailand at its best.
Her idea for taking a bus to Khon Kaen fell on deaf ears as he had heard stories likely false about the safety of the buses he decided to take a taxi,a quizzical look with "up to you" was her reply.
3200 baht later with a high likelihood of catching the bus back they arrived unscathed.A journey of 400+ kilometers later,they journeyed back 100 years in time,in Asia there is a time machine.In his bag is the Mekong whiskey for pops and knick knacks for mama and siblings,time to relax and smile.
He books a room at a hotel in Khon Kaen ( a good idea if your not married and their may not even be room for you in their house)
It was time to buy food for the family,it was lucky food is cheaper there than in Bangkok as the amount of food she bought could have supplied the village (hold that thought and do some research before you take on this adventure yourself).With His grinning and excited Thai girl it is off to the village.
The paved roads become dirt lanes filled with potholes and buffalo deposits until finally the village appears,a shiny city taxi and a white face peering out,the Martians had landed or so it would seem.
With the handshakes,wais and gifts presented,the villagers began to arrive to meet the alien,the night to follow was drinking and feeding the masses,singing,the elders arrived to decide whether or not he was Jai dee or (good heart).He received the thumbs up.The Thais party with a passion and in the early hours he was surprised to find a bed ready made for him.
The morning started with rum and Pepsi with the hair of the dog taking affect the intense noise and surreal village and rice paddies could be appreciated.
Refreshed from a shower with buckets of water and mastering the squat toilets it was back to drinking with the brothers and villagers such was his weekend experience in rural Thai village.
I wish them well on their relationship and I recommend a weekend stay at a village for your first time there,although the family and villagers may have a longer visit in mind.