Travel agents Thailand

Travel agents Thailand
Thailand travel agents and Tourism.
Finding a travel agent in Bangkok is not hard they are as prolific as ATMs and 7_ELEVEN they range from large established businesses to small freelance operators with a computer.Often the small operators come up with the best deal and will spend more time looking for a budget deal.
The travel agency has a wide range of service from basic information on getting around on Thailand transportation with direct links to Thailand railways and bus services and getting around the country by domestic flights with Thai airways.
They are also helpful in arranging personal health insurance and budget accommodation.It is possible to get discount accommodation with hotels in Thailand by going through the travel agency and organizing holidays within Thailand with packages including scuba diving in Thailand.
Also available are brochures on Thai adventures day tours and cruises while you are there you can pick up a map of Bangkok / Chiang Mai & Phuket etc most maps have a map of Thailand on the back and often with Eng/Thai language.
If you decide to tour Thailand you will find a travel agency in most places,they can give you advice on the Thai visa if you decide to stay longer,they should have the names of the Visa companies on hand.
If you have a place in mind the travel agents can advise you on the Thailand weather for that region and if the area has a mosquito problem such as dengue fever and malaria and if rabies has been detected there.
One area to look into are the local Thailand resorts not all of them especially the smaller ones get a mention on the Internet or Thai Tourist magazines and these are the ones you will get the best deal from,the travel agents local to that area will know of them.
Before leaving your home country you can find out about hotels in Bangkok and flights to Thailand through the Thai agency
They will have directions to your countries embassy in Bangkok and Bangkok translation services.
Thailand has many Islands knowing which one to go to is the challenge it all comes down to what you are looking for,the travel office know these Islands and what goes on there and likely have a travel package and travel guide to go along with it.
If you have plenty of time and like to chat you can visit the tourism authority of Thailand (TAT) for travel advice.
Have a fun Thailand holiday.