Thailand Reptiles and Insects

Thailand Reptiles and Insects
Snakes and
creepy crawlies.
I was one of the lucky few to get Dengi fever in
Bangkok not a fun experience 10 days of fever,the bite comes from a Mosquito
that bites during the day,their visits to Bangkok are not common BUT certain
conditions in the wet season can bring them down from the north I have not
heard of cases of Malaria in Bangkok but if traveling up north,tablets should
be taken and repellent and mosquito net used.
I have been to the
jungles of Thailand and seen one small cobra and a scorpion in the wild.A great
experience to see these creatures in their natural
Thailand has a world class Serums institute with hospitals
and Clinics having antidote for all snakes.
So what is out
Poisonous snakes:
-King Cobra (Big Naja)
-Coral snake
-Chain Viper
-Pit Vipers.
There are around 20
species of non poisonous snakes such as the pythons and whip snakes etc some
look like the poisonous ones, there is one that is similar to the deadly Krait
and others look like vipers, it is best to assume they are all poisonous and
look but don't touch.
Scorpions In Thailand from what I have read
their sting is painful but none are deadly that is good news,but if you are
outdoors shake out your shoes or boots before putting them
Centipedes again not deadly but very painful and can cause
infection if bitten,seek medical advice.
Spiders and more good news
none of the spiders in Thailand are deadly the bird spider is one that can bite
it has weak venom much like a wasp sting,if bitten disinfect the bite and you
will be fine,do not harm the Spiders or Centipedes as they have work to do in
their enviroment as all creatures do.
Thailand is a safe place to explore,snake
bites are rare and often avoidable.Fantastic Medical services are available
through out the country so put on the Back pack and hiking boots and go nature
walking there are great tracks and trails to be found.